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Beautiful Old Barn

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Barnwood Bricks

Barnwood Bricks ®

We believe our natural resources are a gift from God for us to use and be thankful for. Part of that spirit of gratitude is using them wisely. How would you like to give someone in need a week's supply of groceries only to find out later that they had thrown away half of them because they couldn't figure out how to cook them? Wood is an amazing thing. It can be used endlessly.

A tree grows, provides cooling shade in the summer and a warming wind block in the winter. It is cut down, and its lumber is used to build shelter for people or animals. When that structure is no longer desired or used, we salvage the good wood for flooring, wallboard, furniture, or crafts. What can't be salvaged, we use for heat. When that has burned, we use the ashes to fertilize the soil and maybe help another tree grow or to make a nice dust bathing area for our chickens. And the circle begins again. It is our hope that many generations to come will be able to enjoy the sight of a grand, old oak tree silhouetted against the sunset, and they will be able to while away a lazy summer afternoon in its shade, watching the clouds change shape.

We also believe in taking care of our own. All of our products are 100% American made right here in Tennessee. It is our pledge that we will never farm out production overseas to oppressive, communist countries in which the government is the sole beneficiary of the labor of the people. American made, American to stay. Don't you buy no commie floor!

Barnwood Bricks ®

Nancy the Buff Orpington

Antique bed & barnwood

We love old cars and trucks!


Cool old green truck
Antique Metal sign found in an old barn: Gasoline 29 ¢ per gallon
Hummingbird in Mimosa Tree