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Beautiful Old Barn

Barnwood Bricks 10 by 10 end grain reclaimed oak flooring wood tiles 10x10 End Grain Oak Wood Tiles

Barnwood Bricks Reclaimed Walnut wood flooring planks Reclaimed Walnut Wood Flooring Boards

End Grain Oak Tile Flooring

Character Grade Walnut Flooring Character Grade Walnut Flooring

Barnwood Bricks in Antique Walnut

Barnwood Bricks ®

Reclaimed Flooring

It starts out with a barn.

It was a really great barn in its day, but now it simply cannot be used for much of anything. Maybe the town grew up around it. Maybe the woods grew up around it. Whatever the reason, it needs to come down. That's where our work begins with the slow and careful pulling of each board on the barn. Going too quickly cracks up the boards, so we take our time in the sweltering heat or the freezing cold (spring and fall are the best) to harvest as much wood in a usable form as we can. Next comes denailing. Each nail (and there are alot of them in a barn) is pulled by hand. Then the wood is trimmed up. Thin parts, cracks, and flaws have to be cut out. Next the wood is metal detected since every nail is not visible. Some may be broken off and lurking in the board just waiting to tear up blades on milling equipment. Now the wood has to be kiln dried, and only after all of this is it ready to run into flooring for your home or business. As with most of the best things in life, the result is well worth the time, effort, and care.

Dirty Face Oak flooring Dirty Face Oak flooringmade from reclaimed barn boards adds warmth and timeless charm to this living room making it the perfect place to cozy up to the fire with a good book and unwind after a long day.

Barnwood Bricks ®
Reclaimed Wormy Chestnut Flooring

Reclaimed Character Grade Heartpine Flooring

Reclaimed Maple Flooring

Reclaimed Poplar Flooring

Dirty Face Reclaimed Heartpine Flooring

Barnwood Bricks 10 by 10 end grain reclaimed pine flooring wood tiles 10x10 End Grain Pine Flooring

Barnwood Bricks character grade reclaimed poplar wood tiles Character Grade Reclaimed Poplar Wood Tiles

DirtyFace Oak DirtyFace Oak
Reclaimed Dirty Face Oak Flooring
Dirty Face Oak Flooring Dirty Face Oak Flooring

We offer a wide variety of reclaimed flooring. Oak, walnut, cherry, heart pine, poplar, and even chestnut...all from reclaimed or antique lumber. We will mill it to your specifications. Some may want their floor tongue and grooved. Some may want it plank style. The width of your floor is up to you. We'll mill a 3" inch wide floor, a 6" wide floor, a 10" wide floor, or a mixture of different widths. It's your home or business. We think you are probably the best person to decide what you would like to see on your floor, your walls, or your ceiling.

Reclaimed End Grain Wood Tiles in Oak

To the right are 4" x 4" and 5" x 5" reclaimed wood tiles in oak. This is a good example of how the Barnwood Bricks ® end grain wood tiles look prior to shipping. We also offer reclaimed end grain wood tiles with a prefinish.

Take a look at some of our reclaimed flooring pictures, and then give us a call. We'd be happy to give you a quote and help you with your project.

No text messages please. Big thumbs, small keypads, and bad eyesight really make all this new technology more challenging than tearing down a barn!