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Barnwood Bricks in Dirty Face Oak

Barnwood Bricks ®

Reclaimed Lumber

Reclaimed lumber comes from old barns, old houses, old textile mills, tobacco warehouses, water and wine tanks, factories, smoke houses, boxcars, wine barrels, old log cabins and more. There are many advantages in utilizing recycled lumber and reclaimed wood for your building needs. Patina of the aged old growth lumber is all about color. Deep rich color that can only be obtained by age and oxidation over time is highly desired for its beauty.
Old antique cherry, walnut, and oak furniture are good examples of deep rich patina. The color is deep and glowing. Reclaimed lumber in many cases comes from old growth timber. Again, this makes it very desirable for many reasons. Old growth lumber and timber tends to have characteristics of high density and high growth ring count. The end result is better structural value for builders, carpenters, and furniture makers.

Reuse of the reclaimed lumber is smart and popular, especially with those whom are concerned with sustaining and protecting our old growth forests. Vintage lumber from structures can often have a historical value as well. Historical Restoration and finding the right materials is very important for this proccess. Historical lumber helps to preserve our historical buildings and our heritage. Seasoned old growth reclaimed lumber is perfect for historical projects in need of flooring, wall cladding, ceiling decking, exterior siding, and timbers for timberframe construction. We can help with small projects or large projects in need of historical lumber.

Thirty and Fifty Year Old Cherry and Walnut
Reclaimed Walnut Stack

Antique lumber and air dried lumber are also highly desirable for building projects. Sometimes you don't get the nail holes or other characteristics of reclaimed lumber, but in many cases you do obtain the patina and old growth. We especially search for and obtain this type of vintage lumber for cabinet makers, furniture builders, homebuilders, and some specific hardwood flooring jobs using the Barnwood Bricks ®. Our all time favorite are the 4" x 8" mixed species Barnwood Bricks ®.

Our location here in central Tennessee is also a key factor of our business. We are in the heart of hardwoods and softwoods in both the valleys and higher elevations. Barns, factories, and buildings in this particular area of the country used wormy chestnut, white oak, red oak, old growth yellow poplar, heartpine, beech, yellow pine, hemlock and sometimes even cherry and walnut. We are also surrounded by other species like sassaphrass, basswood, butternut, birch, hickory, elm, gum, locust, hackberry, aromatic cedar, white pine, and chestnut oak just to name a few. We take pride in providing and resourcing particular lumber materials for the specific needs of our customers. Anything from toothpicks to hand hewn beams, we have the resources and we take great pride in all of our reclaimed products.

Reclaimed lumber brings a new dimension for architects and builders. Overall quality enhanced by the character and stability of reclaimed lumber makes its reuse in the industry a superb option. Hand hewn beams and old sawn beams can be applied in timberframe construction, exposed beams, rustic fireplace mantels, rustic furniture, reclaimed flooring, cabinets, log homes, commercial buildings, and restaraunts. Some options for your consideration are reclaimed white oak, reclaimed red oak, reclaimed wormy chestnut, heartpine, reclaimed yellow pine, reclaimed white pine, reclaimed poplar, reclaimed hemlock, reclaimed beech, reclaimed hickory, reclaimed cherry, reclaimed walnut, vintage sawn beams, hand hewn beams, sinker cypress, pecky cypress, greyboard barn wood, brownboard barn wood and more.

Recycled lumber and beams are full of character like nail holes, axe marks, worm trails, notches, mortise pockets, old pegs, holes, and seasoned cracks. We find many old square nails when denailing the old lumber. It is fun and exciting to build with reclaimed lumber. We have encountered many people with great ideas and application skills. Some people love the old lumber but they don't understand processing and milling. Folks, this is where we can help. We specialize in bringing reclaimed lumber and final products to your home, your business, or your special project. If you have a need or an idea just give us a call.........odds are we can help.

Red Paint Barn Wood
Oak Brownboard and Greyboard

A stack of Antique Cherry Lumber on the left and Wide Wormy Chestnut on the right.

Hand Hewn Beams in a Log Barn
Pine Threshing Floor