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Oak board

Wolf and Lamb Barnwood Sign

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Barnwood Bricks ®

Interior Decorating Ideas - Rustic Arts and Crafts

Barn wood has come a long way since the days when it was just used to make picture frames. Today it is used for everything from flooring to turkey calls! A world of goodies can be found in a barn to spark the famous American ingenuity of artists and crafters. Repurposing items to be used in ways other than the obvious is incredibly fun and challenging for the crafter and highly entertaining for the arts and crafts connoisseur. If you love to create...we have plenty of barnwood, farm tools, jars, old leather, and great rusty stuff to choose from. If you love to appreciate...we have plenty of artists and crafters to supply you with the unique, the unusual, and the usable items you want. Give us a call. Tell us what you're looking for. We either have it, or we'll find it, or we'll make it!

Barn boards make a beautiful painting surface. These are a few ways in which we have used them. The fireplace tool holder is a combination of poplar painted with a Bible verse, and yes, that is an old rake head on which the tools are hanging. Notice the old harness leather used for a sign hanger. We offer custom signs for interior or exterior use, or you are welcome to come browse our lumber and try out your own painting skills!

A custom sign on barn wood can welcome visitors to your home or business or boat or lakehouse. It can be an amusing or funny saying. My grandmother used to say (and this was totally undeserved because we were all little angels), "When are you kids going to quit traipsin' around here, messin', and gommin', and stringin', and strowin'?" To this day, none of us are sure exactly what "gommin' " entails, but this famous family phrase has been preserved for posterity on a barnwood sign. Most signs need a picture of something to make them complete, so browse through these paintings to see our capabilities and to get some ideas. If you can dream it, we can paint it. If you can paint it, we can supply the barn wood.

Barnwood Bricks ®
Call for details and pricing on this lovely cutting board End Grain white oak cutting board

Paddle made from Oak barnboard

This lovely planter is one of our own creations. It is made from and old juniper log that has been split, hollowed out, and hinged. Drain holes are drilled in the bottom. The stand is made from old tobacco sticks found in barns we have taken down. The bucket that hangs from an old chain under the log catches the water overflow from the planter. A unique way to bring a touch of rustic and the warmth of plants into your home.

This custom box made from reclaimed pine is used for storing kindling. Country daisies and a whitewash complete the simple rustic look. Of course, Alley the Cat thinks she is much more attractive than any old box.

Old farm house doors and barn doors are great for arts & crafts projects.

Some people walk into an old, cluttered barn and see a mess of junk that needs to be cleaned up. We see decorating potential. What do you see?
reclaimed oak trinket box

This lovely, little trinket box is made from reclaimed oak. It makes a charming addition to your décor and is handy for storing everything from jewelry to a needle and thread to matches for starting a cozy fire.

This piece was built from antique wormy maple.....this table adds character to the coffee shop in Cookeville, TN